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Watch Repair

With more than 15 years of watch repair, restoration and watch sales experience, we’ve completed just about every type of repair imaginable. From a quick battery replacement, to removal of links and even to a new watch band. We have also done complete overhaul and replacement of the movement. Allure Jewelers has its own on-site repairs services and we’ll have you on your way in no time.

ALLURE JEWELRY also offers a full range of services to get your favorite timepiece up and running while you shop.

  • Band Repair
  • Band Replacement
  • Band Resizing
  • Battery Replacement
  • Complete Cleaning of the Watch Movement
  • Complete Watch Overhaul
  • Crystal Polishing
  • Crystal Replacement
  • Gasket Replacement
  • Link Additions or Removal
  • Restoration of Watches and Pocket Watch
  • Stainless Steel, Silver, or Gold Band Refurbishments
  • Stem & Crown Repair
  • Watch Cleaning & Inspection
  • Watch Engraving*
  • Watch Overhaul
  • Watch Repair
  • Water Resistance Testing


No one can adjust your new watchband faster than Allure Jewelry . Did you get a new watch and the watchband is way too big? No problem. At Allure Jewelry we have the experts and the proper tools to shorten that watchband to fit exactly the way you want it, usually in about 15 minutes. We can even lengthen some watchbands and our professional jewelers can shorten, lengthen and repair solid gold watchbands.

Or maybe you need a new watchband? We have a complete line of leather and metal bands to make your watch look like new. Whether it’s the buckle or clasp that won’t stay closed, or a watchband that won’t stay on the watch, we can fix it for you.

We can also order many original replacement bands and parts including brand names such as:

  • Tag Heuer
  • Movado
  • Relic
  • Citizen
  • Seiko
  • Guess
  • Pulsar
  • Rado
  • ESQ
  • Fossil
  • and many others
Have your watchband sized or replaced while you wait.


Jewelry Repairs are provided on site while you wait and watch. Whether it’s new or a family heirloom, we understand how important a cherished piece of jewelry is to you.
Our professionally skilled jewelers provide a full range of exceptional jewelry repairs, refinishing and refurbishment services including:
  • Bracelet Re-hinging
  • Bracelet Resizing
  • Chain Repair
  • Jewelry Refurbishing
  • Polish Jewelry
  • Prong Re-tipping
  • Refinishing
  • Replace Claps
  • Restringing Pearls & Beads
  • Ring Shank Replacement
  • Ring Sizing
  • Soldering
  • Stone Setting
  • Tighten Loose Stones

Polishing Makes It Look As Good As New

You will be amazed at how new your jewelry looks after a thorough cleaning and polishing! Cleaning removes built up dirt and grime as well as tarnish and dullness common among sterling silver jewelry pieces, while our polishing system removes scratches on the metal.

We work with the utmost precision to restore your jewelry to its full luster in a matter of minutes.

Our jewelry cleaning and refurbishment process includes:
  • Inspection
  • Checking for loose or Missing Stones
  • Replacing Missing or Damaged Stones
  • Stone Matching
  • Polishing
  • Ultrasonic Cleaning
  • Steam Cleaning

Custom Design

Update a heirloom vintage find or an unfashionable piece of jewelry you no longer want (or wouldn’t wear). With our custom jewelry design services, our skilled jewelers will redesign an old piece of jewelry or take your loose gemstones and turn them into a distinctly unique treasure.

Virtually any piece of jewelry you envision can be brought to life by the skilled craftsmanship of our expert jewelers including:

  • Custom Necklaces
  • Custom Bracelets
  • Custom Earrings
  • Custom Rings
  • Custom Wedding Rings

What’s in your jewelry box?  Let us help consolidate your treasures and create something you will love wearing!


The most personal touch you can add to any gift is personalizing it with your own words. Whether it’s Gold, Silver, Platinum or Glass, we can customize all your gifts. We offer a wide variety of engraving services and merchandise.
Our skilled craftsmen can turn your gift, promotional product, award or recognition into a one-of-a-kind keepsake. Whether it’s as intricate as a family crest, as detailed as a logo or as simple as a name, Allure Jewelry will engrave your gold, silver, platinum or glass item to your specification while you wait. Bring in your item or browse our wide selection of gift items; we engrave anything from anywhere!
Engraving is the ultimate way to personalize just about anything and make it special including:

Wedding Ring Engraving & Wedding Gift Ideas

You have the perfect wedding rings, now make them more special with a personal message or date.

Engraved Gifts Make It Special

Add a personal touch to just about any gift or celebrate a special event. Let our expert engravers inscribe a monogram, date, message or quote on your birthday, anniversary or graduation gift.

Great engraving ideas:

  • Engagement Rings
  • Wedding Rings
  • Wedding Bands
  • Wedding Flute Glasses
  • Wedding Cake Server
  • Bridesmaids Gifts
  • Groomsmen Gifts
  • watches
  • Baby Naming Gifts
  • Baptism Gifts
  • Bar Mitzvah Gifts
  • Bat Mitzvah Gifts
  • Bibles
  • Charm Bracelet
  • Charms
  • Clocks
  • Confirmation Gifts
  • Crystal Glasses
  • Dog Tags
  • First Communion Gifts
  • Jewelry Boxes
  • Money Clips
  • Necklace
  • Pendant
  • Photo Frames
  • Picture Frames
  • Pocket Watch
  • Retirement Gifts
  • Smartphones & Tablets

Corporate Awards, Team Trophies, Plaques, Promotional Products and More

Whether you want to reward achievement, acknowledge commitment or make a lasting impression on a client, engraving makes it memorable.
Our expert engravers can engrave metal, glass, trophies and more. From names and dates, to logos and company names, to messages of recognition. Bring in your item or browse our wide selection of gift items.


“Hey, how much is this worth?” As jewelers, we get asked that question every day. If your insurance agent is telling you that you will need an appraisal report to have your jewelry insured, bring your items to Allure Jewelry and an appraisal specialist will carefully examine your watch or jewelry. We will then compare your pieces against comparable items and write an insurance replacement report to make sure you would be compensated properly should you have a loss.
If you are looking to sell your jewelry or watch, we can also provide you with a retail replacement appraisal. This is a helpful item to have if you are looking to sell your jewelry or watch to another individual or online.
An estate appraisal is a report generated for purposes of probate. Bring your items to Allure Jewelry and let our appraisal expert examine your items and write a report to fit your needs.


At Allure Jewelry, we take pride in the quality of our work-especially, ring sizing. Being able to size a ring properly is an important skill when you’re a jeweler and we know it’s right when the customer says “I can’t even tell where you sized it!”. When sizing a ring larger or smaller, we take care to make sure that if stones are present the prongs are tight and the stones are in place after the work is finished.
All of our jewelers have had years of experience at the bench and are well versed in the art of ring sizing. It takes great skill to cut the back of the ring, add a piece of gold and blend it in with the style of the ring while making sure the back of the ring is not thinned out. Sizing a ring smaller can present even more difficulties. Our jewelers spend the time to check the center and side stones; guaranteeing they stay in place after we size the ring.
Sizing a ring with a large center stone presents special difficulties as it has a tendency to flip around on your finger. At Allure Jewelry, our jewelers specialize in solutions for sizing your ring so that it’s comfortable on your finger and stays in place. Let us show you all of the different solutions available so you can wear your ring with style and pride.
For those of you with painful arthritis and beautiful rings-you have a problem! It’s difficult to wear your rings when you can’t get them over your enlarged knuckle. At Allure Jewelry, our jewelers specialize in expandable shanks and other solutions so that you can wear your rings again.
If you got a ring today, stop by Allure Jewelry and let us get you ready to wear it tonight! Feel free to shop, enjoy a cup of coffee or simply watch while we size your ring and get you on your way. We do all of the work right in front of you so you never have to worry about whether or not you’re getting “your” stone back. At Allure Jewelry, we do all of the work while you watch and while you wait for a worry free ring sizing experience.